The Other Side Of The Goldilocks Story No One Talks About!
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The Other Side Of The Goldilocks Story No One Talks About!

When most people think about Goldilocks and the three bears, we mostly think “curious girl, lost in the forest”. In other instances, we think almost got eaten by a bear.

Well, what most people didn’t notice about the Goldilocks story is this. A woman let her child run through the woods unattended, a little girl felt comfortable enough to eat foods of unknown origin and finally, a mother didn’t go looking for her missing child. If this happened today, someone will be putting a call to child services.

But I won’t be talking about all that, I want to focus on what she did while in the cottage. She tried the three meals until she found a perfect one for her, tried the three chairs until she found one comfortable, and then when it broke she didn’t give up. She went ahead and tried three beds until she found the perfect one.

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What did I learn?

When I hear the Goldilocks story, I see a girl who didn’t just take the first thing handed to her. I see someone who weighed all her options and decided on what’s best for her. She could have taken the biggest bowl with the most food, but it was too hot. She could have settled for the second bowl, which was cold, but eatable. But somehow she knew that wasn’t right for her.

It’s easy for us to pick something that’s not good for us because we think we can adapt. Or choose an okay hand because it’s not bad. But it takes strength and moral courage to decide to wait for the best even when we aren’t sure. Understanding the need to wait for what is your perfect is very important to living a fulfilled life.

I will also be giving Goldilocks an ‘A’ for effort because she tried to fix the broken chair. Let’s face it, no little girl knows how to fix a broken chair and even if she was taught, she had no tools. But she made an attempt and brought to life the saying “it’s the thought that counts”.

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Finally, the Goldilocks story teaches us how to own up to our mistakes. When the chair broke, she could have decided to leave the house and never look back. No one would know who she was, but she knew she needed to do the right thing. Even if it meant unknowingly getting eaten by a bear. Facing our mistake is hard, but in the end, it makes us better humans and better individuals.

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