5 Exercises For ADHD Minds To Help You Manage Symptoms
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5 Exercises For ADHD Minds To Help You Manage Symptoms

The ADHD mind can seem like a maze with no way out sometimes, okay most of the time. But the good news is, there are exercises for ADHD minds that can help keep you grounded.

Having ADHD used to be considered a bad thing for a long time. Words like impulsive, distracted, hyperactive and such are commonly associated with it. But in recent times therapists have chosen to focus on the positive parts of ADHD. Creativity, innovation, extreme focus, dogged determination and so much more.

But even with all these positives, the ADHD mind can still be overwhelming at times. This is why exercise is always recommended for people with ADHD and other mental health issues. Exercise works as well as medication in encouraging the production of dopamine in the brain. This is the chemical that’s dysfunctional in ADHD minds.

While the effects of exercise only last for a few hours and medication and therapy should always be included in treating ADHD. Exercise works very effectively along with therapy, medication or both to help ADHD minds lead normal everyday lives. This is because exercise effectively gets rid of the excess energy that causes restlessness while relaxing your nerves.

exercises for adhd minds
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Here are 5 exercises for ADHD minds that can help manage symptoms.

1. Aerobics

Any form of exercises that gets your heart pumping and boosts your heart rate is amazing. Aerobics are particularly good for clearing your mind and flooding it with chemicals to help you focus. 30 to 40 minutes of aerobic exercises daily are more than enough.

2. Team sports

Team sports like soccer or basketball provide a means to get rid of all the excess energy, stress and pressure. But that’s not just it, it also gives you the social motivation you need to keep at tasks. Joining in on team sports a few times weekly can be very rewarding.

3. Martial arts

Taekwondo and Karate classes go beyond just physical exercising to centre your mind and body. Experts say that complex exercises can help boost brain activity and increase dopamine production in the brain. Martial arts can help boost your memory, focus, timing and reflexes.

4. Yoga

Another exercise that strengthens your body, releases tension and helps clear your mind. Because yoga is deliberate, you have to calm down to practice it effectively. People with ADHD are generally hyperactive and regular practice of yoga can help calm them down. It helps them connect with an inner calm that can be very beneficial.

5. Walking

A short stroll every morning or evening can help clear your mind before you start your day or calm it down at the end of a long day. It might not seem like much but walking is very effective for burning off excess energy while calming your mind.

exercises for adhd minds
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In order to keep exercises for ADHD minds interesting, it is important to do it right. Always remember to switch things up and change your exercise often to avoid getting bored. Also exercising with a partner can keep you motivated, so get a workout buddy. While these don’t seem like much, they can make a huge difference in your exercise plan.

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