Defining Your Own Success Without Societal Pressure
(Photo: Sanket Kumar / Unsplash)

Defining Your Own Success Without Societal Pressure

There’s only one definition of success for an individual and that’s what you define as success. Everything else is societies way of making you fit nicely into their square holes.

But what happens if you’re round, or rectangular, or rhombus or a trapezium. Are you doomed to fail in life or would you succeed in the eyes of the world and be cheered. While you lay in bed at night having everything you’re supposed to but feeling unsure and unhappy.

As much as we like to fit ourselves into a perfectly comfortable space, a nice house, a good car, a spouse that’s existing and 2.5 kids. What happens to those who want to spend their lives helping people in Haiti or who would rather spend every waking moment with their hands stuck in a heart.

Where should the women who recoil at the thought of diapers go? Or the men who cannot stand being in an office whatsoever? What if our sense of well being and happiness comes from being in the wild observing nature and spending every waking moment with animals.

Are we saying everyone has to have an average job? Are we saying billionaires without families are hindered? Or are we saying women who want 10 children have no goals? Why does everyone have to have one idea of happiness? Why do we all have to fit into the same box?

If the world was truly all about a good job, a house, a nice car, a perfect spouse and 2.5 kids. How are we supposed to see true beauty and art? What happens to the diversity of thought and behaviour. What happens to culture and growth and freedom. Everyone says they’re fighting for freedom, but what exactly do we mean?

Because it seems like it’s never really true freedom when you already have a specific idea of what it should look like.
I say let people be happy and do what feels right as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. That’s true freedom without judgement.

It’s time to burn the rule book on success, kick the status quo out the door and pursue true happiness. Because the reality is this, while people will snare and even bark at your freedom. In time they will learn to adjust and they will accept that you are who you are.

Life will go on, other events will take place and they will get busy and forget all about you. But maybe, just maybe, you would have inspired someone else to pursue their own dreams. To decide to choose true happiness rather than join the race of societal zombies heading in one direction.

If you’re in doubt, just look to the hills of Myanma and watch the Buddhist monks do their thing.

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