This blog is for everyone who has ever felt different, everyone who has had to face the harsh reality that is life and everyone who ever felt overwhelmed or out of place. This is your haven and your special place, where different is perfect and everyone is beautiful.

It’s our way of helping you navigate through life without feeling totally alone. Here, there will be no judgment and everyone will have a voice. Once you get in here, you’ll always know you have people in your corner, no judgement, no hassle, just unconditional love.

We will be giving career advice, relationship tips, mental health and stress management tips, lifestyle advice and most of all, free counselling services to anyone who needs it. Our 24/7 suicide hotline is available to anyone in an emotional emergency or mental crisis, please use it.u00a0

Olabisi Fagoyinbo

Olabisi Fagoyinbo

Olabisi is a lifestyle writer and tech enthusiast. She is a certified life coach who finds fulfillment from helping others become the best version of their true selves. When she is not writing or building Web applications, she concentrates fully on training her nieces and nephews to be master rug rats while partially surfing the net for funny dog videos.

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